We Make Delicious Foods

Blue Moon Goodness is always thoughtfully
packaged, vegan, organic and gluten free

Blue moon goodness organic soups Bowl of green chile soup Bowl of tomato fennel soup Organic Soups

From the very beginning Blue Moon Goodness set out to produce real food for real people. We use quality ingredients to produce delicious granolas and beautifully packaged soups in sustainable glass jars. Moving away from single use plastic is one of our goals. Blue Moon Goodness products are always organic, vegan and gluten free – and our soups are two-year shelf stable.

As a company we believe sourcing locally and sustainably is important. The oats for our granola are grown right here in Colorado. Our honey is from Colorado. Our Chilis are Anaheim’s from Pueblo – and you guessed it, they’re grown and roasted in Colorado.

In 2006 we hived our first bees on a Blue Moon. We wanted to be a part of something big by doing something small. Our Bees gave us honey, helped our garden produce more and was part of our contribution to our own sustainability. This is the base of why we got started.

  • Made with real ingredients you can see through our glass jars

  • Our soup products are easy to enjoy and made with love

  • Vegan and Gluten Free

  • Our food is easy to store with a 2 year shelf life

  • Our ingredients and packaging are thoughtfully sourced with the environment in mind

  • Our company is an emerging brand embracing popular values and woman owned

  • Convenience and sustainability are very important to us

Our food is honestly delicious.

Moroccan Vegetable Soup


Moroccan Veggie with Lentils ~ “Magic Soup” is what my kids call it. Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, Cumin and other spices combine to lift your spirits. Made with simple ingredients to create an aromatically flavorful, Moroccan soup. Learn more ».

Vegan Green Chile


Made with a few simple ingredients like Pueblo, Colorado green chilis. Rich and thick. Heat it and eat it by itself as a soup. Put cheese on it. Put it over eggs, tamales, beans. Learn more ».

Tomato Fennel Soup

Tomato Fennel Soup

It’s comforting like a traditional tomato soup with a bit of added texture and flavor from the fennel and sweet carrots. It’s great with a sandwich or as a meal with some Italian sausage or poached eggs added. Learn more ».


We recommend enjoying Blue Moon Goodness Granola straight up as a trail mix or with milk or yogurt. Or, add it to your breakfast cereal for added taste, nutrition, and variety. Berry Blend and No Fruit.

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