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Frequently Asked Questions

From the very beginning, Blue Moon Goodness set out to produce real food for real people. We use quality ingredients to produce delicious granolas and beautifully packaged soups in sustainable glass jars. Moving away from single use plastic is one of our goals.

Why should thoughtfully sourced and simple ingredients be important to a consumer?

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We think relationships are important, so make an effort to work with local farmers as much as possible and select each of our growers and suppliers carefully -- we want to use the best quality ingredients for our products. The honey in our granola also comes from right here in Colorado.

Our products are small batch. What does that mean and why does it matter?

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As the name suggests, small batch production refers to the process of creating a small batch of products -- for food and for Blue Moon Goodness it helps us preserve the quality and authenticity of our recipes.

Blue Moon Goodness is a member of the Climate Collaborative. What is that?

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The Climate Collaborative is a community of businesses joining forces to create pathways to action, connecting companies to resources and working together to create solutions.

Is Blue Moon Goodness a woman owned business?

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Yes we are a certified woman owned business, we hope our certification matters to you and will help our business and others create a more equitable marketplace.

Are Blue Moon Goodness soups healthy?

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Our soups are plant-based and gluten free, and even if that's not part of your diet -- Blue Moon Goodness soups are low calorie and packed full of vitamins. Check out our soup pages here to find out more and to see the nutritional information.

Blue Moon Goodness products are pantry staples. How long will they last?

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Our soups are packaged in glass jars and shelf stable for two years. So please stock up for easy at home meals.

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