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Benefits of Healthy Soups in a Jar Over Cans

Benefits of Healthy Soups in a Jar Over Cans

Growing up, you probably indulged in the occasional canned chicken noodle soup, especially on cold days or when you were feeling under the weather. Canned soups were household staples. But should they still be in your cabinets?

Of course, your youthful memories shouldn't be tainted by manufacturing processes that were out of your control. But understanding why canned soups aren't healthy can help you make better choices for your adult health.

However, you might be wondering how bad canned soup can really be. What benefits can you enjoy from ditching canned soup? Below, we'll explain the benefits of healthy soups in a jar over cans.

Risks of Canned Soups

The risks of canned soups can be mostly boiled down to their nutritional profiles and the way they are canned.

Poor Nutrition

Canned soup is notorious for its sodium content. Most people eat the contents of a full can, which would amount to their intake of about 1200-1400 mg of sodium. That's more than half of of the typical recommended daily allowance of 2300 mg of sodium.

There are also more calorically dense thickening agents in these foods to make the texture and flavor as widely palatable to as many people as possible. As a result, these foods have a lot of saturated fat. Eating too much saturated fat and sodium can lead to hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Canned food is mass manufactured in a way that prioritizes production rather than quality and health, which is clearly reflected by its nutrition contents.

Harmful Chemicals

Canned foods are often stored in aluminum cans. Unfortunately, aluminum contains BPA, a chemical compound that has a negative impact on neurological, behavioral, and hormonal health. The BPA can leech from the lining of the can into the food

These soups also contain sodium phosphate. Made of sodium and phosphate, this is an additive that preserves and enhances the flavor of soups. While this chemical is necessary for our health, the amount that is added to canned soups far exceeds what we need.

Benefits of Soups in Jars

While making homemade soup allows you to carefully choose healthy ingredients, it can be cumbersome and time consuming. A great alternative to the convenience of canned soups but with healthy ingredients is finding a wholesome jar soup.

Healthy jar soups with carefully procured ingredients that are already prepared and ready to eat without the same additives and chemicals you find in a can, will save you time and support a healthy lifestyle.

Better Nutrition & No Harmful Chemicals

When you want vegetable soup, you want a nutritional punch. While canned soups might thwart that nutrition with excess sodium or fattening thickeners, jarred soups will maintain a cleaner profile.

Soup ingredients may also include dehydrated vegetables, making it easy to pack in more nutrition within a smaller volume. Jarred soups contain a much higher proportion of whole food ingredients than canned foods do.

You’re also more likely to find GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients in your canned soups Look for products that are GMO-free or Non-GMO project verified to avoid any potential exposure to toxins.

Glass does not contain BPA. This is another way that making the switch from cans to glass jars can decrease your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

Ditch the Metal — Enjoy Healthy Soups in a Jar!

Not all soups are created equal. When you buy canned soup from the grocery store, you're risking consuming ingredients that can be harmful to your body.

You’re also sacrificing taste.

At Blue Moon Goodness, we know how important your nutrition is for your well-being and that of our planet. That's why we offer a plethora of vegan and gluten-free products that make it easier to enjoy delicious, wholesome food. So if you're looking for healthy soups in a jar for your health and convenience, check out our organic, gluten and GMO free soups today!

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