Blue Moon Goodness is now carried in all Safeway stores. Just this week, we were featured in Safeway’s Local Spotlight feature. The article below is available on their website and Facebook page.

Safeway: Local Spotlight: Blue Moon Goodness™


Since opening our doors in Colorado over 60 years ago, Safeway® has made it a mission to support local food partners and growers. Today, we strive to keep that mission alive by filling our aisles with thousands of the best products from the local communities in which we serve.

This week’s local spotlight: Blue Moon Goodness™ Vegan Soups

Guests eating blue moon goodness soup 

Blue Moon Goodness™ hived their first bees on a blue moon, paving the way for their namesake. Founder, Kelly Strong of Woodland Park, Colorado, wanted to be part of something big, by serving the greater good of her beloved home state. Her bees gave her honey, helped her garden and contributed to Blue Moon Goodness’ overall sustainability, giving them their first local ingredient and helping their garden grow. Today, Blue Moon Goodness creates a handful of delicious soup blends using locally-available ingredients whenever possible!

Moroccan Vegetable Soup

Moroccan Veggie with Lentils, or “Magic Soup” as Kelly’s kids call it, features lemon, ginger, turmeric, cumin and other spices, combined to lift your spirits. Made with simple ingredients to create an aromatically flavorful, Moroccan blend, this soup comes in two varieties: All-Natural or Organic.

Vegan Green Chile

Made with a few simple ingredients like Pueblo, Colorado green chilies, this soup is rich and thick. Heat it and eat it by itself, add cheese to it, put it over eggs, tamales or beans. This soup also comes in two varieties: All-Natural or Organic.

Tomato Fennel Soup

It’s comforting like a traditional tomato soup with a bit of added texture and flavor from the fennel and sweet carrots. It’s great with a sandwich or as a meal with some Italian sausage or poached eggs. This new take on the classic soup can also be found in two varieties: All-Natural or Organic.

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What is “local”?

At Safeway we define “local” based on the individual communities we serve. That may mean within the state of Colorado or within a certain mile radius of an individual store. We also consider local ownership, manufacturing processes, and the use of locally-sourced ingredients before touting a product as “local.”
Why buy “local”?

  • Products grown or produced locally are fresher because they are harvested and delivered immediately to local retailers – not stored and transported from out-of-state.
  • Because these products are fresher and have not been transported, they retain more of their nutritional value and are better for you.
  • Buying locally-produced foods decreases food miles, thereby saving energy and lowering the carbon footprint.
  • By buying local products you are helping to maintain jobs and sustain various family-owned operations within your community, which in-turn stimulates and strengthens the local economy.

How do I identify “local” products in Safeway stores?

Simply look for the “local” signage and shelf tags at your neighborhood Safeway to identify local items for you and your family.